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We were founded to reach people that are either unserved or under-served by the traditional way to market prescription drugs, making it easy (and safe) to consumers to get their medications in the convenience of their home, without any embarrassment or the time consuming of a trip to the doctor and pharmacy. The site is designed to provide a convenient and informative shopping experience, 24/7. Our mission is to ensure that each visitor will have a wealth of sexual dysfunction-related information designed to help consumers to make educated purchasing decisions and obtain the legitimate Viagra or other medications from a reliable and well established drugstore. Our Physicians are US licensed Medical Doctors and not all the prescriptions are approved, because our customer's safety is our number one priority. If after reviewing the patient medical history and information form, the physician finds that Viagra is not for him, the prescription will be denied and no charge will be applied. Or if the physician understand that the patient needs further evaluation, he will recommend the patient to see a physician in his community. We want each visitor to have a safe and pleasurable visit.

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